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  • Welcome back to SZMMHUB  

    For years we've focused on Megaman Games that include general info, Codes hints, and game information. Now is time to Evolved into a new Generation of  Megaman sites. That will include new features that user can submit, With a Fan gallery that will display Custom fan art, Contest with Video game prizes Music forums and much more. While Many websites have general info, our main focused is on Media and content. This is run by one person and I hope this will become one of the best Megaman sites.
    Again welcome to the New saintzero. And I do hope you have a sense of humor for this site will have some crude jokes and so on. This site is best view with The latest browsers FireFox, Google Chrome, *Internet Explorer Opera, and Safari. And on a resolution 1680x1050 With all latest Plugins Like Windows media player, Quicktime flash. To enjoy the best of what we have to offer.