we're back (sorta) @ 23 May 2017
After years of being on and off and having other technical errors, I'm proud to say we are back. Saintzero is my passion and hobby since I was 13 years old and I have seen others sites go down and some staying barely alive. the world has changed a lot over these years and Megaman is no longer in the mouths of the youth or Capcom. What I hope to achieve here is to provide sorta like a capsule of what Saintzero use to be, Full of media and information about the games we all enjoyed when we were younger.

As I stated this is a hobby of mine and will continue to be one for as long as live, So please stay tune and when were done come back and reminisce on how the anime and images you grew up with and maybe with a little faith we can entice a new generation of gamers to look into the past and discover The Blue Bomber themselves.

Signing off Your Megaman Nut Zero
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