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Logging: light...password:XXXXX...logg in->showing files_>!Warning!

In 21XX Dr.Cain was searching some underground ruins, while searching he pick up some readings and found a underground lab.The lab belong to Dr.Light. As he was searching over piles..Of files and rubbles.He found some notes.. that had important meaning to him. since he had discover an ancient underground lab.Not knowing what would he find. He wanted to look and see what else he would learn. While looking through Light\'s notes, He notice a message saying " I have sealed him in a capsule..to test out his system. Please do not let him out unless 100 years have pass.since I no longer will live to see his unvealing. After days of searching Cain finally found the capsule Mention in the notes.When he opened the capsule There was a robot name X.. A robot that could act for him self. with this dr cain decided to replicate X. But with little success, he creates another form of robot called a reploid. Years passed until a unknow virus Appears, and starts infect reploids who turn berserk. one of the infect was the most powerful of them all Sigma. Leader of the Maverick Hunters After turning, He started to cause chaos and revolted againts humans. Recruting fellow reploids to join him..X found himself in a situation where he needed to find a purpose and that purpose was to help the human race. In a battle with Vile.X was losing and .. thus the story begins...

Bosses /Boss weak againts:

·Chill Penguin gives you-Ice Shotgun
·Spark Mandrill gives you-Electric Spark
·Launch Octopus gives yout- Homing Torpedo
·Sting Chameleon gives you-Chameleon Sting
·Storm Eagle gives you-Storm Tornado
·Armored Armadillo gives yout-Rolling Shield
·Flame Mammoth gives yout-Fire Wave
·Boomer Kuwanger gives yout-Boomerang Cutter

Fire Wave defeats Chill Penguin
·Shotgun Ice defeats Spark Mandrill
·Armored Armadillo defeats Electric Spark
·Launch Octopus defeats Rolling Shield
·Boomer Kuwanger defeats Homing Torpedo
·Sting Chameleon defeats Boomerang Cutter
·Storm Eagle defeats Chameleon Sting
·Flame Mammot defeats Storm Tornado
·Vile defeats Chameleon Sting
·Shotgun Ice defeats second stage spider boss
·Electric Spark defeats Sigma
·Armor Armadillo\'s Rolling Shield defeats Sigma second form and vile.


X's Enhacements

Location:Storm Eagle
Uses: Some blocks can be destroyed during a jum (good for getting subtanks)

Location: Sting Chameleon
Uses: Damage Tken is reduced by half

Location: Flame Mammoth
Uses: Allows you to charge main weapon and equipt weapon "If you don't get it here in Mammoth's stage then you can get it in the 1st Sigma Stage

Location: Chill Penguin
uses: You can dash

Subtank 1
Location: Armadillo Stage
Subtank 2
Location: Flame Mammoth Stage
Subtank 3
Location: Spark Mandrill
Subtank 4
Location: Storm Eagle Stage
Secrets Hadouken: To get this you must have all armor, subtanks, and weapons. fill up your subtanks, then go though Armored Armadillo's stage five times.Now you dont have to pass the whole level but just die after you get to end of the stage.after five times.before entering to the boss. above the boss chamber door is a capsule that will give the hadouken. to use you must have full life, and pressing down forward and A button.