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Several months after the first battle Between X and Sigma peace is still hard to obtain since,zero the mysterious powerful Reploid Had being destroy by self destruct. The reploids who are still loyal to sigma. are still cousing havoc in the city. Soon There's a emergency in the Maverick HuntersHQ, "megaman x get back here ASP!!". As x gets there ,dr cain tells him that the zero parts have being taken by maverick. calling them selft's the "X" Hunters.. Now its up to x to defend the city again and recoverd zero's part.. Can he do it time or fail to recovered them.
Where to start here... Oh, yea! There's the X-Hunters who've taken Zero's parts, and now, X must get them back or face his friend (sorta)! This one introduces "other Mavericks" other than Sigma (and I'm not talking Vile either) that if you beat or not changes the ending you get. Also, look for another "in-joke" based on SF here as well. Best Things: Not much held me here as in X1 other than the Shoryuken (still trying to get that) and recovering Zero's parts. Still, it was fun to fight Vile in his hidden stage as well. Oh, yea! I liked to fight that Sea Dragon in Bubble Crab's stage as well. Fun trick in Morph Moth's stage: Get a Parasite to attach to X, and you'll get a rapid-fire attack! Make sure to shake it off before heading down a ladder tho. You also get funny animations with the Mavericks when you hit 'em with the weapon they're weak against. Bad Things: There was a LOT in this game I didn't like, but most of it was centered on the X-Hunters and their base. I mean, if you don't defeat them all, Zero would be turned against you (tho look for Nightshade Zero's color later on). NOT fun at all, since you'd get the bad ending as well. Also, that first part of the X-Hunter's base is maddenly FRUSTRATING! The Crushing Walls are a real pain in the ASS to beat (pardon my language, but it's that bad)! XP Definately not a good thing. Playablity: Yes, there's NOT much keeping me to want to play this game again, except maybe to get the alternate endings/fight Nightshade Zero... NOT! If there wasn't so many flaws, I'd have liked this game better. Music: The game's only saving grace (in my opinion) was its music, and there were several tunes I liked, including Morph Moth's Theme, Zero's Theme, Overdrive Ostrich's Theme, Flame Stag's Theme. Final Score:

Bosses /Boss weak againts:

·Wire Sponge gives you Strike chain
·Morph Moth gives you Scrap shot
·Flame Stag gives you Speed burner
·Magna Centipede gives you Magnet Mine
·Bubble Crab gives you Bubble splash
·Overdrive Ostrich gives you Slicer
·Wheel Gator gives you Spin wheel
·Crystal Snailr gives you Crystal hunter

.Srike Chain defeats Wheel Gator
·Spin Wheel defeats Spark Bubble Crap
·Bubble Splash defeats Flame Stag
·Speed Burner defeats Morph Moth
·Scrap Shot defeats Magna Centipede
·Magnet Mine defeats Crystal Snail
·Crystal Hunter defeats Overdrive Ostrich
·Sonic Slicer defeats Wire Sponge
· Bubble splash defeats Vilen
·Speed Burner and Sonic Slicer defeats Serges
·Magnet Minedefeats Agile
·Sonic Slicer defeats Sigma < /br> .Strike Chain defeats Sigma Virus


X's Enhacements

Location: Crystal Snail Stage
Uses: When you use it, it will show the location of any hidden passage on the screen

Location: Morph Moth Stage
Uses: The damage you get is cut in half and your special weapon gets refuel

Location: Wheel Gator Stage
Uses:It charges your weapons and olso allowes you to charge your special weapon

Location: Overdrive Ostrich Stage
uses: allowes you to dash up or jump and dash in the air

Subtank 1
Location: Magna Centipede Stage
Subtank 2
Location: Wire Sponge Stage
Subtank 3
Location: lame Stag Stagl
Subtank 4
Location: Bubble Crab Stage

Getting the Dragon Punch:
Get to the third X-hunter stage and continue until reaching a location with two ladders, one on the ground and one near the ceiling, that is unreachable. Lure a bat towards the ceiling ladder. Use the ICQ on the bat, then jump on the bat to reach the ladder. Kill the man with the shield. Allow the bat that appears to follow your character. Shimmy across the wall to the single spot without spikes. Quickly tap B, A to reach a safe spot. Walk up the small set of stairs to find more spikes. Bump into the bat that followed your character to become invincible for a short amount of time. Quickly move past the spikes and use an energy tank, Shimmy down the left wall until your character falls into a room with a capsule. Enter to get the Dragon Punch. To use it, press Forward, Down, Down/Forward, Y after your character is at full health.

Getting the armor upgrade:
To Enter Metamorph Moth's level after defeating Wheel Alligator, then use the Helmet Search. Where its signal falls, shoot with the Spinning Wheel. You will find the Armor Capsule.